Fernando Alonso's gift to Ayuso

The mystery is over. Alonso yesterday put an end to rumors about his future in the driver market for 2025 when, by surprise, Aston Martin announced yesterday its renewal with a multi-year contract. The statement was simply limited to five words. “I am here to stay” (I m here to stay).

The Asturian driver announced the signing of a multi-year contract with the British team that will be renewed year after year and that, for the moment, keeps him in the green team until 2026. It is the longest contract of his career. However, the duration of this contract is not something new and it had been rumored for months.

Last February When it seemed that the green team was only offering him one more year of contract, a possible turn of the Silvertsone team came to light, who would accept a two-year extension.. As Formula 1 itself revealed through one of the journalists on its official website, Lawrence Barretto, the offer that is already on the table would include a longer contract than expected. Everything indicated that what Aston Martin offers would be until the end of 2025. That is, until the end of the period with this regulation and that they would see what happens with the change that is going to occur in 2026. However, according to the official means of the Great Circus, it would not be one year but two, until 2026, as has finally happened.

Faced with the rumors, Alonso did not hesitate to speak out. “2023 was a vindication and for 2024 and 2025 (a year for which he still does not have a contract) I see myself with strength, desire, energy and optimism.” An affirmation that excited his fans that they will still be able to see him run for at least two seasons but it was a setback for many of his followers who began to ask themselves a question: What about 2026? And if the driver, as he stated, placed the possible date of his retirement in 2025, the Madrid GP would be the first without the Asturian's presence.

A gift to Spain

Some fears that were dispelled yesterday. Fernando Alonso has done a real gift to the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who is very committed to bringing Formula 1 to the capital of Spain. Formula 1 returns to Madrid in 2026 and will stay at least until 2035. The World Championship of the largest motorsport competition thus returns to the Spanish capital more than 40 years later and now we know that it will have the presence of the Asturian.

The entry of Honda into the United Kingdom team -Fernando is very motivated to reunite with Honda more than a decade after they did so for the first time in 2015-, the new Formula 1 regulations and, of course, putting a finishing touch to his career by making his engine roar at the Spanish GP in Madrid have been the key factors that have led him to make this decision.

Alonso dreamed of driving on the capital's new urban circuit and he will do it. Ayuso breathes a sigh of relief.