Feijóo charges against Tezanos, “a man who spends 20 million of our money on false surveys”

After the mass bath that took place this Sunday in Madrid, the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has indicated that he never thought he would have to demonstrate in Spain “for freedom of expression and judicial independence.” Thus he has defended the concentration in Madrid's Puerta de Alcalá against the amnesty law, a norm that “did not pass through the polls” and to which all the parties, except the independentists, promised in front of the voters not to approve it. Needless to say, reality distorts what was promised and that the facts prove “in addition to the fact that “They have lied to us, a case of illegality.”

At this point, the president of the PP has warned that the amnesty lawtailor-made for those involved in the “procés”, incurs 16 cases of unconstitutionality, as reflected in the report of the Senate lawyers. “It is the first time in 46 years of Spanish democracy that a law will be approved with a report from a Chamber, which alleges that it is not complied with in 16 cases.” The head of the opposition has stated this in the program “Más de Uno”, Carlos Alsina, where he recalled that the event called by the PP yesterday was also a response to the Executive's attacks on the media and judicial independence. “We have seen that the Government has problems with the media, Any media that criticizes you is a hostile media. Furthermore, the Executive considers that in our country there is “lawfare”that is, there is judicial corruption,” he clarified. And although he has no other demonstration planned, he would not hesitate to do so if necessary.

Why didn't you intervene? Dolors Montserrat at yesterday's event, when she was the protagonist? Well, according to the leader of the PP, “because there already seemed to be many”, when the European candidate also intervened Fernando Savater and the Venezuelan candidate Corina Machado. Thus, he has not hesitated to recognize his mistake and admit that perhaps “they should have given him a place” because, today, he is “his main asset, the person who knows Brussels best and defends the rule of law.” .

The Tezanos surveys

When talking about the polls, Núñez Feijóo resorts to Galician “skepticism” and denounces how unnoticed the fact that “A man spent 20 million of our money on fake surveys. The man is none other than the president of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), Jose Felix Tezanos. The same one that predicted the loss of the absolute majority of the PP in Galicia (it was not like that) or the one that ventured that the presence of the PP in the Basque Country would be testimonial, and as Feijóo points out, “we were the ones that rose the most in votes and seats “. This being the case, and after also achieving 15 seats in Catalonia, surpassing Vox, the leader of the PP asks for caution and to be allowed to “play the game and campaign for the European elections.”

However, Feijóo is clear: “It would be a failure to lose the European elections. The objective is to beat the PSOE, to be the first force and to be, together with the European PP, to be the party that leads Europe.” Therefore, he insists, “we go out to win”, although he remembers that the PP has 13 seats and the socialists, 21 And one more note, “the European elections are one thing and the general elections, another.”

On the European horizon, Feijóo has clarified his words about Giorgia Meloni and the controversy that arose. She has done so with a counterattack against the PSOE, the same one that defends dialogue with Meloni, when it comes to the socialist candidate for the European elections, Teresa Ribera. In the opinion of the popular leader, it is not acceptable that “for saying something similar” he is associated with the European extreme right. After calling the socialists “cynical”, he reiterated that he has always defended that they should not agree with the extreme right in Europe and that Meloni defends the rule of law and declares herself pro-European. And here he has drawn comparison: “Just like the Mr. Page is not comparable with the PSOE, At least with what she says, not with what she does, Mrs. Meloni is not comparable to Mr. Orban.”

The personal agenda of Sánchez and Begoña Gómez

When asked why he announced that he will not agree with the extreme right, when he has already done so with Vox in some Autonomous Communities, Núñez Feijóo defends that where the PP governs, with the support of Vox “the electoral program is maintained, there is political stability, the budgets are approved, the tax cuts are approvedHealth is improved and more is invested in social policies.” Meanwhile, the Government of Spain “is collapsed, the Government has broken up, they cannot agree even on voting on their own initiatives in Congress and has been left without parliamentary allies“.

Not to mention, Feijóo has reproached, that now Sánchez's “personal problems occupy the political agenda”, alluding to what happened to his wife, Begoña Gómez, about his party… because “The Government of Spain is being investigated by the European Prosecutor's Officein the National Court and his wife has a summary, in which they have not yet clarified whether what is being investigated are his commercial and business relationships with the people who are in that summary”, several of them have already been summoned to testify in June. And although he avoids mentioning the name of the president's wife, he insists that Sánchez has not yet given any explanation since February, and even more so when there is a summary opened in Plaza de Castilla for “influence peddling and corruption”.