Faith marked on the skin: the most impressive religious tattoos of footballers

We are in the middle of Holy Week, a time of faith and reflection. Beliefs that for some go beyond a simple period of time to become a lifetime. These footballers know perfectly what it is to be in the elite, to savor triumphs, win world cups and be recognized by the fans. But also thatThat faith can be key in their lives and careers and that is why they do not hesitate to engrave their fervor on their skin.

Football is much more than a sport, andIt's a lifestyle, a passion and, for many, even a religion. Therefore, it is not strange that the biggest stars of world football entrust themselves to their gods and even decide to include them among their tattoos.

These are some of the most impressive religious tattoos of footballers:

James Rodriguez

James' religious tattooinstagram

The former Real Madrid footballer He has the face of Jesus Christ engraved on his left leg. Precisely, on the Colombian's skillful leg when playing soccer. It is no coincidence, since he always entrusts his actions on the playing field to Jesus and has recognized this on several occasions: “It is Jesus who acts in me.”

David Beckham

The former footballer and owner of Inter Miami has several religious tattoos on his body.

David Beckham's tattooed back
David Beckham's tattooed backinstagram

On the left arm there is a religious iconography: an intricate tattoo of three cherubs raising Jesus from his grave. In a Facebook video, Beckham explained that the tattoo is “Jesus being carried by three cherubs and obviously the cherubs are children. My idea is that, at some point, my children are going to have to take care of me and that's what what they are doing in the image”.

Tattoos on the right side They begin on the shoulder with an angel and the words “In the Face of Adversity” ('In the face of adversity') Below, on his biceps, Beckham has more tattoos of cherubs, which also represent his children. The sleeve continues down the right forearm with an intricate cloud pattern. Among the clouds there is another angel, the Roman phrase “Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear” and the words “Pray For Me”. In The side bears another image of Jesus Christ with the crown of thorns.

The religious tattoos on his right side
The religious tattoos on his right sideinstagram

On his back, Beckham wears a large angel in a crucified position and hanging between “Romeo” on his neck and “Cross” in the middle of his spine. On his lower back he bears the name “Brooklyn.” These three tattoos with names represent his children and the angel protects them. He also wears a cross engraved on his chest.

Sergio Ramos

The former Real Madrid captain has never hidden his faith and likes to enjoy Holy Week. In fact, he has tattooed on the lower part of his back the face of the Lord of the Great Power of Seville, as well as praying hands with an intertwined rosary. He also carries a Virgin on her arm.

Tattoo of the Great Power on the back of Sergio Ramos
Tattoo of the Great Power on the back of Sergio Ramosinstagram


The Brazilian forward of Real Madrid has also shown off his religious fervor on numerous occasions. Therefore it is not surprising thatHe has the phrase “blessed by God” tattooed on the thigh of his right leg.

Vinicius tattoo
Vinicius tattooinstagram

Daniel Alves

The former Brazilian footballer – who has just been released on provisional release after being convicted of raping a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub – is a man of faith. He belongs to a family with strong beliefs, so the image of Jesus Christ could not be missing from his body and he has it on his left forearm. There he also puts the following phrase: “God is my judge”, along with an angel and a kind of parchment with an inscription. Near the left biceps it is engraved a cross with the phrase “bless me.”

"God is my judge"  engraved on Alves' arm
“God is my judge” engraved on Alves' armEFE Agency

The former Barça player also has a tattoo of a prayer and a Buddhist god.

Neymar Jr.

The Brazilian forward is a faithful believer in God and on several occasions he has been seen celebrating a title with a shirt that says '100% God'. A fervor that has led him to get a tattoo on both of his the area where the shin guards are placed – the phrases “God blesses me” and “God protects me.”

“God is faithful” are the three words he has tattooed on his left wrist and below the winged cross on his neck, Neymar has the word “Blessed” tattooed. “I am very religious, I was practically raised in the church. My whole family is evangelical, Christian. I believe a lot in God,” the Al-Hilal Saudi forward has commented on more than one occasion.

Arrested for carrying Jesus Christ

Juan Pablo Pino's tattoo
Juan Pablo Pino's tattooTwitter

However, fervor can sometimes play tricks. In 2011, Colombian Juan Pablo Pino, who at that time was playing in the Saudi Arabian league, was arrested by the moral police of the conservative Arab kingdom, for publicly displaying his tattoos with religious motifs. The incident took place when the player was walking through a shopping center in Riyadh with his wife, wearing a sleeveless T-shirt that showed Christian religious symbols, such as the face of Jesus of Nazareth, which he had tattooed on his arms.

The image of the tattoo provoked the indignation of several clients of the place, who began to insult him and attracted the attention of the moral police, which is responsible for ensuring that citizens comply with the strict rules of conduct that govern the Saudi kingdom. The agents arrested the player who was active in the Al Nasr club, who had to take charge of solving the problem with the police.