Facebook, Messenger and Instagram stop working for two hours in a catastrophic Meta crash

Facebook, Facebook Messenger and instagram suffered a global drop since 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. Users of the platforms Goalwith the exception of WhatsApp, which was not affectedThey found a variety of problems that prevented them from accessing the service or that it did not work correctly for two hours, since around 6:00 p.m. (Spanish time), the service worked again

According to the Downdetector portal, the fall began simultaneously on the three social networkswhich points to a common origin, but users are not reporting the same type of incident or in the same proportion in each of them.

In the case of Facebook, 89% of the complaints registered by Spanish users on the portal indicate the inability to log in. 6% cannot load the app and 5% cannot load the Facebook website.

Facebook Messenger Complaints also concentrate on the inability to log in to the application, 82%. The remaining 18% cannot access the web version.

The users of instagramOn the other hand, they are not encountering problems logging into the social network, but they are encountering problems in other aspects. 41% manage to enter but without Instagram loading correctly. 34% cannot access the publication feed and 25% cannot make the app work.

For the moment, Meta has not commented on the causes of this fall from which it has not yet recovered, although the frequency of user complaints on Downdetector has already begun to descend.