Emojis with audio are arriving and yes, the one you are thinking of will also be among them

If emojis were already a language in themselves, the step they needed to tell a story was audio and now it will arrive with a new update scheduled for May 14, initially for Android. This is an option that adds sound effects to the Android dialer. First discovered as part of an update, the app will soon allow you Tap one of the six “Audio Emoji” buttons to play a short sound clip that both the sender and the receiver of the message can reproduce.

Among those included are applause, laughter, crying (a sad trombone that slides), party, a drum beat (the same one we imitate when we make a joke) and yes, poop will also be included, which will make a flatulence soundto. To access the buttons during a call by tapping the option in the dialer's additional menu or with a small label located at the bottom.

For eschatological and popularity reasons, Google has introduced the fart sound that without a doubt it will become custom and fashionable soon. But the really interesting thing will come in the future when more and more emojis are added to this option and if we will have the option to customize audios linked to emojis. That will be an interesting change.

Maybe pre-recorded messages and text-to-speech shortcuts. This initial list covers the basics, but I think it might be missing a bit. Of course, in the same way that there is a certain etiquette in the messages we send (an audio of more than 10 seconds is already a podcast), Please do not abuse emojis with audio…although probably and especially at the beginning, it will be impossible given the novelty.

Fortunately, there is a recovery period that limits how often we can use effects. The update will take place on May 14, so hopefully we'll have more information about its possible effects by then.