EA Sports F1 24: officially announced the launch of the new Formula 1 season

Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the start of a new season of Formula One, Electronic Arts has presented the next installment of the sports series, which will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation and PC, on May 31. Of first 'EA Sports F1 24' is perceived as the natural evolution of the applauded line inaugurated by Codemasters for the North American publisher, which allows virtual drivers to be equipped with the identities of the most famous and fastest racing drivers on the planet to compete in the most famous discipline of motorsports. world.

Reaches the main platforms

The label has several notable successes within the sports spectrum such as 'EA Sports FC 24', the famous football format – previously called 'FIFA' -, and even a university football line, but with the speed license, the house continues with its commitment to bring all the excitement of each Formula 1 season directly to lovers of this sport.

As an incentive, the publisher has also revealed that until the launch occurs, anyone who pre-orders the video game will be able to get early access to some vehicles from the 2024 season to use in 'F1 23'. Among the vehicles, you will have access to cars from the 2024 season from the Haas, McLaren, Alpine and Williams teams.

“For the first time ever, F1 23 players will be able to immediately connect to the 2024 season with some of their favorite teams,” explains Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters. Among the new features that have been confirmed for the edition, the company is committed to renewing the Career mode and applying improvements to the driving system. All this for now, since EA has not revealed more details about the features we can expect from the simulator, although they have promised to provide more information before the end of April.

Versions for Spain

The official Formula 1 game will be published in two versions and in parallel with a second wave of new seasonal decorations – which will arrive at the end of April – those who pre-order the game will receive several objects directly related to 'F1 24': The Champions Edition, exclusively in digital format, which equips drivers with two new Formula 1 icons, 18,000 Pitcoin and an F1 World Bumper Pack with resources for individual and multiplayer game events. You'll also receive up to three days of early access starting May 28, and all pre-orders include a VIP podium pass. Players who reserve the Standard Edition They will receive 5,000 Pitcoin and an F1 World starter pack. The game arrives on May 31 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.