Dortmund-Real Madrid: the politicians who will get on your nerves with the Champions League final

Wembley host the great football festival today. Real Madrid is measured to Borussia Dortmund, in their sixth Champions League final in eleven seasons, with the sole objective of further enlarging their legend. It will be one of those matches that paralyze a country and in which the two Spains will be reissued: the one with the white heart and the one of those who for football or political reasons would wear the yellow elastic of the Germans.

The passion for football is sometimes difficult to understand. It is much more than a sport, it is a way of life and a madness that goes beyond the grass. It is so big that neither History, nor politics, not even kings have managed to escape from it. In fact, If the electoral contest or parliamentary activity were transferred to the football field, the candidates' interventions would be no less energetic and passionate.

It is a feeling capable of unite people as disparate as Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Iñigo Errejón. Many of our politicians will live the party with passion and They will bite their nails, encouraged by their love or hate for the Merengues club.

Which team will Ayuso, Sánchez, Abascal or Puigdemont cheer for…?

Pedro Sánchez: He's not much of a football fan but…

The President of the Government has always stated that he carries the colors of Atlético de Madrid in his heart. He is not much of a soccer fan but he assures that his love for the colchonero team comes from his time at Estudiantes (Sánchez studied at the Ramiro de Maeztu school and played in the college team's youth team). Likewise, he is a firm defender of Cholo Simeone with whom he shares the “game by game” mantra. Although many are unaware of it, As a child he betrayed his colors by playing in the lower categories of Real Madrid but he has never shown the sympathy for the whites that he has not hesitated to make public for FC Barcelona. Tonight Sánchez would not hesitate to put on the Borussia jersey if only to justify the bitter exit of the colchoneros from the competition.

Ayuso and Almeida: Madrid splits in two

In the capital of Spain the rivalry between those of Cybele and those of Neptune moves from the countryside to the institutions. The president of Madrid She is a faithful supporter of the white team, while the mayor of the capital is “red and white” to the core.

“We received the best team in the world at home, an international and fashionable Real Madrid. There is an emotion that surrounds everything, even the most exciting game of the year in London,” said the president of Real Madrid, as she welcomed the champions in the sun with her team's sweatshirt. “Madrid is about bringing excitement to children everywhere. the planet, starting with the most disadvantaged, who wear the shirt with pride and dream of being like you. “Real Madrid is synonymous with triumph without complexes,” she stated before asking the players to bring her the “15”. Today she will not miss her team's sixth final in the last eleven seasons.

Almeida He is so cool that the anthem of the Glorious One was not missing at his wedding and even made Futre cry when he revealed one of his secrets: “I even told my mother “That, if I died for any reason, they would distribute my ashes on the left side of the Calderón, so that Futre could run over them.”

“How difficult you make it for those of us who are not from Madrid,” He has confessed when he had to receive the whites after one of their titles. He has faithfully carried out his institutional work but always refused to put on the shirt.

Today he will go with Borussia if only to be able to say that he beat the powerful Real Madrid in the final the executioner of his Atlético in the quarterfinals.

Gabriel Rufián: A “little bit” of Madrid?

The ERC deputy has always boasted of being an Espanyol fan and has generated controversy for his “tweets” encouraging the parakeet team. However, despite his independence ideology, the politician has come to confess that he is happy when the Spanish National Team wins and which is “a little bit of Real Madrid”. In an interview in El Partidazo de Cope he stated: I am «from Espanyol and a little bit from Real Madrid. I am not a member, but I am a supporter of the team. When I was little it was easy to be culé and convergent. Tamudo was a hero and competed with people like Mijatovic, that for me was the best. “I like being on a minority team.”

Their battles with Figo are epic and he has not hesitated to throw more than one dart at Real Madrid but perhaps today that “little bit” of merengue sentiment will prevail.

Iñigo Errejon: it comes from his birth

A Madridist to the core, Íñigo Errejón will go to death with the whites no matter how much it may be despite some of his teammates who deny the left-Real Madrid binomial. He has always recognized his Real Madrid fandom. For Sumar's spokesperson in Congress, Real Madrid comes from his birth. His father played in the white youth team: “My father played until he was 18 or 19 years old and I think he stopped just when they put him in jail for his anti-Franco militancy,” he said in the magazine Líbero. There he made this reflection about being from Real Madrid: “Being from Madrid and being a Real Madrid fan is choosing to be from a club that doesn't always make it easy for you.. That doesn't always treat you or offer you a story through which the spirit of being a Real Madrid fan is clear.”

Errejón is a Madrid fan and a leftist – in that order – and in the aforementioned interview he confessed to having lived his merengue passion “inside the closet” during his university years. In the student environment he was considered a symbol of the right. “Madrid has given me some disappointments, many joys and a feeling of community that I will not renounce,” he concluded. Today he only dreams of singing again: “History that you made, history to be made…”

Irene Montero and Ione Belarra

Podemos's policies Today they would dress in yellow from head to toe since they have never hidden their contempt for Real Madrid and what, according to them, it represents.. Last April, the Podemos candidate for the European elections on June 9 did not hesitate to harshly attack the Government ministers who were in the Santiago Bernabéu box following the Real Madrid – Manchester City match. Champions League quarterfinals. José Manuel Albares, Pilar Alegría, Víctor Ángel Torres, Jordi Hereu, Ana Redondo and Óscar Puente were in the noble area of ​​the Madrid venue witnessing the defeat of Carlo Ancelotti's team against Josep Guardiola's team (2-3).

“The problem of going to the Real Madrid box It's not that you like football, it's not even that you are left-wing and Real Madrid, There are a lot of people, the problem is that the Real Madrid box is Florentino Pérez's ostentation that, without standing for election, he commands more than any minister,” said Montero, who confirmed his criticism on his social networks. A few words which Belarra signed unequivocally.

Pablo Iglesias: Madrid, only to rally

The former vice president of the Government He is above all “anti-Madrid”. Many might think that he would identify with the colors of FC Barcelona or Atlético de Madrid, but no, the team he loves is Numancia, the city where he spent part of his childhood. Pablo Iglesias has also shown his sympathy for Rayo Vallecano because it is from the neighborhood where he lived before moving to the Galapagar villa.

Today he would wear the German jersey but he had no shame in wearing the Real Madrid shirt to win over the former president of Bolivia Evo Morales.

Santiago Abascal: in total white

The leader of Vox has a white heart and more than once he has been seen cheering for Real Madrid like any other fan. He has not been shy about confessing either. his antipathy for Barça or Athletic Bilbao. In an interview in the newspaper Marca he stated: “I always had an affinity for the Spanish team. AND Those who attacked me for going to school in my national team uniform in the eighties were mainly Athletic fans. Since I was a child I have also seen how some clubs became political tools against Spain.” Today he will encourage his team to achieve “15”.

Aitor Esteban: with Madrid, never

Just for the same reason as Abascal but in reverse The PNV spokesperson would not hesitate to put on the Borussia jersey. He defines himself as a Catholic and a fan of Athletics and rugby. In 2020, on the occasion of the Copa del Rey final, he asked that Athletic and Real Sociedad take the field with “the Euskadi shirt” to “claim that Euskadi could compete at an international level.” Real Madrid is a symbol of Spanishness that gives you hives.

Puigdemont: against the “Regime team”

The yellow of the first Junts logo comes in handy today for Carles Puigdemont who would rub his hands with a defeat for Real Madrid. For the pro-independence politician, the merengue club is a symbol of the oppressing country and he has come to present the clashes between Girona and Real Madrid as a clash between the pro-independence supporters and the state that oppresses them.

Puigdemont with the Girona jerseyinstagram

Nor did he hesitate to take on everything when Real Madrid responded with a video to Joan Laporta's accusations that he called the meringues the “Team of the Regime.” “What Madrid is doing with Barça, both the persecution and the effort to impose an official narrative in which the oppressors are victims of the oppressed, is the same thing they have been doing for decades with Catalonia”he claimed.