Dinosaurs were not as smart as we thought

Dinosaurs, contrary to what some recent research had suggested, were not as smart as was believed, and although their intelligence could be comparable to that of large reptiles, in no case can it be compared to that of apes.

This has now been pointed out by an international team of researchers, thus contradicting a previous study, published last year, according to which Tyrannosaurus rex It had an exceptionally high number of neurons, which would be directly related to its intelligence, and they compared some of its habits with those of apes.

An international team made up of researchers in paleontology, behavioral sciences and neurology, re-examined the size and structure of the brain in different dinosaurs and concluded that they behaved in a similar way to how crocodiles or lizards do.

Researchers from the British universities of Bristol and Southampton participated in the new work, whose conclusions are published today in the journal The Anatomical Record; that of Heinrich Heine (Germany); from the University of Alberta and the Royal Ontario Museum -both in Canada-; and the Miquel Crusafont Catalan Institute of Paleontology (ICP).