Did Israel manipulate the terrifying video of the five bloodied and bound Hamas soldiers?

Hamas This Thursday he accused Israel of “manipulate” the video that were published the day before by the relatives of the five girl soldiers, still hostages of the Palestinian groupfrom the moment they were kidnapped by militiamen on October 7 at the Nahal Oz military base, in southern Israel.

The images circulating in the Hebrew media are fragmentedhave been manipulated and the authenticity of what they contain cannot be confirmed,” criticizes the terrorist group in a statement, a day after the relatives of these young soldiers decided to send these images to the press.

The Islamist organization denounces that Israel has made “a deliberate selection of images and clips” to reinforce their narrative about the alleged attacks on kidnapped women by Palestinian militants.

“The female soldiers were treated according to the ethical standards of our resistance, even though They were part of a unit that killed hundreds of peaceful protesterss on the Gaza border,” they add in the note. Hamas, on the other hand, also rejects the translations that appear in part of the video fragments because, they say, “they add words that were not pronounced” by any of its combatants.

In one of the fragments of the video, which lasts just over three minutes, one of the subtitles reads while one of the militiamen addresses the hostages: “Here are the girls who can get pregnant. “They are the Zionists.”. Regarding the appearance of the young women Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniela Gilboa and Naama Levy bloodied and tied against the wall after being captured, Hamas says that it is “something that can be expected in this type of operations where stampedes can occur “.

The girl soldiers stationed at the Nahal Oz base were in charge of surveillance tasks. Months before the attack, they notified the Army of seeing suspicious movements on the border between Gaza and Israel.

During that morning at least 15 female soldiers died and seven of them were kidnapped, among whom was Ori Megidsh, 18, who was rescued on October 30 by the Israeli Army after 23 days of captivity, and Noa Maricano, who died during her kidnapping and her body was recovered by Israeli forces.

The publication of the video also generated a wave of indignation among the main members of the Israeli Government, among them Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said he was “shocked” after watching it.

“The brutality of the Hamas terrorists only strengthen my determination to fight with all my strength to eliminating Hamas, to ensure that what we saw tonight never happens again,” he wrote on his X account.