CTA 40, the weapon system that can be adapted to any turret and used by Jaguar and Ajax tanks

He CTA 40 It is an advanced weapons system that uses 40mm telescoping ammunition and has been developed by CTA Internationala joint venture between BAE Systems and KNDSthe latter in turn formed by the French Nexter and the German Krauss-Maffei WegmannKMW. This system provides a substantial jump in firepower, compactness and efficiency compared to traditional cannons of tanks and armored vehicles and is being used in tanks As the Jaguar French and the Ajax British.

Telescoping ammunition with a charge using the CTA 40 system integrates the projectile with the propellant powder that surrounds it within a cylindrical casingunlike conventional ammunition in which the projectile is separated from the propellant and is located in front. This casing makes it more compact, allowing more efficient use of space. This means that more ammunition can be stored within the same volume compared to traditional ammunition, improving the vehicle’s firepower. This design contributes to the reduction of ammunition weight by optimizing the shape and reducing the size of the housing, which in turn facilitates handling and improves vehicle mobility.

Another significant benefit is the simplified loading mechanism. The loaded telescoping design allows for an easier and more reliable feeding system into the barrel. Ammo rounds They feed laterally into the breech instead of being inserted longitudinallywhich reduces the complexity of the self-loading mechanism and improves the rate of fire.

Ajax tank firing with the CTA 40 system.CTA International.

The CTA 40 is mainly integrated into armored vehicles such as the British Army’s Ajax and the French Army’s Jaguar EBRC. Thanks to its compact size, The system is easily adapted to any type of turret, whether land or naval, manned or unmanned.This versatility ensures that a wide range of military vehicles can benefit from the CTA 40’s advanced capabilities.

The barrel is 40 mm, which provides balance between a high rate of fire, up to 200 per minute, and significant stopping power. This caliber is particularly effective against modern armored threats and fortified positions. The gun can fire a variety of ammunition types including the following types: armor-piercing, high-explosive and airburst.

Armor-piercing ammunition is designed to penetrate modern armored vehiclesusing advanced materials and engineering to maximize its effectiveness. The high explosive provides substantial firepower against infantry and soft targetscreating a versatile solution for different combat situations.

The airburst munition is one of the CTA 40’s most advanced features. It can be programmed to detonate at a specific distance, allowing for precise attack. targets in locations protected from enemy direct fire due to natural or man-made obstacles blocking the line of sight. This capability greatly improves the tactical flexibility of units equipped with the CTA 40, providing the ability to neutralize threats that would otherwise be difficult to attack with conventional ammunition.

Its future development may focus on further refining the ammunition and loading mechanisms, increasing the rate of fire and the variety of ammunition available. Additionally, integration with advanced battlefield guidance and management systems could further improve the effectiveness and responsiveness of units equipped with the CTA 40.