Courtois is injured again

The last weekend of March was the date I had set Carlo Ancelotti upon return from Courtois and Militao. The coach of real Madrid He had been advancing deadlines in the recovery process of both footballers. And his optimism was accompanied by the training images that the club published. In them you could see the Brazilian defender with the group and Courtois training on the grass at a pace that already seemed quite competitive. They were ready. Now Militao is ready, Courtois is not going to be, injured in the meniscus of his right knee, who will undergo surgery and will be out for two months. That is to say, he closes the season without having played a single game. He was in the preseason in the United States, suffered the feared cruciate fracture and when he seemed ready to return to the Real Madrid goal, he was injured again.

This was the week in which Ancelotti was going to test his two players with training games with the quarry. With many of the international footballers with their national teams, the Madrid coach wanted to put Militao and the goalkeeper in what is called competitive form, just in case, They could even reach the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals, in Manchester. That was the initial plan, which has now gone to waste.

Courtois immediately felt that he had broken yesterday afternoon. Heard it, that crack that only announced that a part of your body has said enough. His left leg, the one that had been operated on, the one that she had to recover, was going well, the noise and the intense pain had been in the other one, the right one. The doctors arrived while the goalkeeper could not hide his sadness and disappointment. Competitive to death, he hoped to help Real Madrid in the decisive stretch of the season. But medical tests confirmed that he had torn his meniscus.. Which is bad, but it is less bad than if that cruciate had been broken, which was what many thought in the Real Madrid Sports City. But the year is already lost and he can only think about the next year and in the summer he will recover 100%.

When he was injured in the preseason, the Real Madrid offices began to work and numerous proposals came from representatives to offer goalkeepers of all types. Lunin was a mystery because he had always been in the shadow of Courtois and in his performances he showed an exaggerated coldness.

So Kepa arrived, but things almost never go as expected. Kepa had a couple of discreet performances, he was injured and Lunin offered a version never seen before. Now he is going to be a starter in the decisive stretch.