Council of elders (I)

I will say the names of my particular council of elders, whom I miss like no one else. Starting with Enrique de Aguinaga, a great journalist, senior chronicler of Madrid, professor at the Official School of Journalism in times, and again at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid. His main specialty was knowing and writing about José Antonio Primo de Rivera, whom he did not know personally in his childhood, but about whom he knew everything.

Aguinaga silently left one day, in 2022, to the afterlife; with a title, which he knew how to appreciate, being Honorary President of the Society of Playful Thought. And we had the last delightful presences of him in society and also in my house, together with Fernando Suárez, a great mutual friend.

The second guest to my council of elders was Juan Velarde Fuertes, who was very attentive to the first days of my call for the motion of censure. At that time he told me, very seriously: «Dear friend and disciple, as you remind me so many times: be very careful in this situation. I think the first thing is to maintain your position as Professor of Economic Structures, you are the professor. I frequently quote Perpiñá Grau and other wise doctors of Spanish economics, but you knew how to integrate everything in a book that, now, in its 26th edition, I, at 95 years old, continue to consult for my last economics classes in a Madrid residence hall.

We will continue, to finish, next week, with the other two elders of my particular council: Alejandro Nieto and Amando de Miguel. Referring to veteran friends like all of them is formidable. It’s like keeping them in intellectual life, which is a lot.