Connex One, England's largest artificial intelligence company applied to customer service, arrives in Spain

Connex One consolidates itself as the largest company dedicated to artificial intelligence applied to customer service in England and announces the opening of a headquarters in Spain. It has a successful track record and more than 4 billion interactions per year. Connex One has become a reliable partner for large companies such as O2 or Virgin in record time.

Connex One stands out for its focus on application of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to improve customer service. Their offering includes solutions that integrate with popular CRM tools such as Salesforce that include, among others, efficient workforce optimization and an omnichannel platform that allows companies to interact with customers through multiple channels, maintaining a complementary and uniform. But what we found most innovative is its solution for Customer Sentiment Analysis.

Sentiment Analysis, also known as opinion mining, uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. to analyze and interpret the emotions, attitudes and opinions expressed in textual data. The objective is to determine whether a text conveys a positive, negative or neutral feeling. Connex One applies this advanced tool to decipher the sentiment behind customer comments, reviews, social media posts and other textual data. This provides valuable information on customer satisfaction and helps identify areas for improvement.

In recent years, the company has significantly expanded its machine learning product offering. Features such as Sentiment Analysis and the application of cutting-edge artificial intelligence to customer interaction have allowed it to achieve triple-digit growth figures with its enterprise clients for several years.

Connex One was founded in Manchester in 2013 by brothers Nick and Richard Mealey. It recently received the award for best customer support team from Prolific North Tech and in October 2022 completed a financing round in which a former Spotify investor helped them raise €103 million. The company has used these funds to expand its local operations and expand internationally, opening offices in Miami, Melbourne, Stockholm, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. They have also opted for Spain in their internationalization campaign with their new headquarters in Barcelona.

More and more applications of Artificial Intelligence are creeping into our daily lives. As this and other technologies continue to advance, we expect significant improvements in the quality of customer services that companies provide us.