Catalonia 2024 elections, live: last minute 12M votes, participation and scrutiny today

Participation, at 1:00 p.m., in the regional elections in Catalonia being held this Sunday is four percentage points higher than that recorded in the 2021 elections at the same time, according to data provided by the Generalitat. At this time, Participation stands at 26.87%, after 1,390,050 people have voted, lor which represents an increase of 4.10 points over the 22.77%, then equivalent to 1,222,503 voters, who were registered in the 2021 elections at the same time.

The greatest increase occurred in the province of Barcelona, ​​4.52 points more, after 27% had voted. In Tarragona it increases 3.90 points (26.58%), in Girona 2.95 points (27.25%) and in Lleida it increases 1.05 points (25.19%). The next data will be known at 6:15 p.m.

Meanwhile, election day passes with a certain normality except for some incidents such as a pro-Palestinian camp that makes it difficult to vote in a school in Barcelona and a copper theft in Rodalies. that affects all train lines, which could affect the development of these elections. Illa, Fernández, Aragonés and Carrizosa have already voted.

The more than five million voters can cast their vote from nine in the morning in the more than nine thousand ballot boxes enabled for this purpose. Voting will be possible until 8:00 p.m., at which time the counting of votes and the distribution of seats among the candidates will begin. A total of 5,754,840 people are called to vote today in the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia, according to data of the National Statistics Institute (INE). Of them, 5,460,332 reside in Catalonia: 4,051,040 in Barcelona, ​​528,077 in Girona, 300,148 in Lleida and 581,067 in Tarragona.

For the first time in an election in Spain, live information will be provided for each polling station, in addition to the general data for Catalonia, by constituencies, vegueries, regions and municipalities that are usually provided. A total of 64 candidates are running in the elections. Specifically, the provincial electoral boards have proclaimed 16 candidates in Barcelona, ​​15 in Girona and also 15 in Lleida, while in Tarragona 18 will compete. There will be 2,695 polling stations, with 8,940 tables. There will be 5.8 million printed ballots and 6.2 million envelopes available.

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