Carme Artigas leaves the Secretary of State for Digitalization and will return to the private sector

Carmen Artigas will resign of his responsibilities in the Government and it will cease to be Friday Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligencel, as announced this Tuesday.

Considered a expert to level international in AI, big data, algorithms and digital innovation, Artigas leaves public office after more than three yearsFirst, under the orders of Nadia Calviño in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and, with the new government, in the Digital Transformation, led by José Luis Escriva.

Your intention is rejoin to the private sector starting next September since in between he will work in the presidency of the supervisory body of artificial intelligence UN recently launched. “It's something that's going to keep me quite busy, and I'm going to give myself time to plan my return to the private sector again,” the businesswoman confessed.

In his professional resume there are More than 25 years of experience work in the technology sector and is known for directing and co-founding with her husband, Jaume Agut, the company Synergic Partnerswhich offered services for enterprise data management, and was acquired by Telephone in 2015 in an operation valued at ten million of euros. She remained CEO until the end of 2018.

In the recent event in which he revealed his unexpected departure, he took the opportunity to thank Minister Escrivá for his trust demonstrated when renewing it in the Secretary of State in order to complete the pending tasks during the Spanish presidency of the European Union (EU), which comes to an end with the new year.

Specifically, the main challenge that the Sánchez Executive in the European Council faced in this area was to achieve a agreement between the Member States for the preparation of a regulation of AI in the Union.

After the intense negotiations in which the Catalan has played a key role that have lasted until this month, it is expected that next May The document with the rules that will limit and control the uses and purposes for which AI tools are used is formally published.

Among its policies aimed at digitalization, the creation in A Coruña National Artificial Intelligence Supervision Agency(Aesia), which is expected to begin operating in weeks, and which places us as the first country to have an organ of this kind. Likewise, the drafting and approval of a Startup Lawthat increases tax incentives in the creation of these business embryos.

Artigas is chemical engineer from the Sarriá Chemical Institute (IQS), he completed a postgraduate degree in Industrial Business Management at the same center and completed a degree in Executive Management in Venture Capital in the American Berkeley University-Haas School of California.