Call of Duty: Season 3 of MWIII, WZ, and WZM is reloaded with all this amount of content

Ready for more action? Well you're in luck because the Season 3 reloaded in 'Call of Duty' comes with enough new features that you won't take your finger off the trigger for a long time. So let's delve into what the mid-season update, which will arrive next May 1 at 7:00 p.m. (Peninsular time), has to offer:

First of all, with the new wave of content comes new maps, such as the Dark Aether Rift, and more multiplayer modes. Among other events, you must adapt your tactics and launch yourself into Rebirth Islandbut you can also fight in a ruined London on the multiplayer map Grime armed with the new assault rifle BAL-27.

Multiplayer in Modern Warfare III

The modes'Battlefield' and 'Shooting guard' are here: In 'Battlefield', downed players will drop a proximity mine in the place where they are eliminated, while in 'Escort' teams must take turns escorting a MAW across the map with the aim of hacking three targets.

New 6vs6 multiplayer maps: Test your skills in the new Grime and Checkpoint areas.

Arcade Playlists: From unlimited ammo modifiers to ultra-powerful weapon power-ups, Arcade transforms the multiplayer experience into a true display of strength.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIIActivision

Modern Warfare Zombies

Go into the exclusion zones and eliminate all the zombies. Rescue Dr. Jansen, prepare to face a horde of enemies, and reunite with Ravenov on a rescue mission after she was drawn into a dark aether rift. You will also be able to access up to three new schemes that will help you in your future deployments in the Exclusion Zone. Take on Rainmaker: Find the new warlord in his fortress on the island of Rahaa and prepare for a fight against this demolitions expert.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Discover new events, improvements and features for 'Warzone', such as heavy armor or the ability to resupply ammo with the toolbox, plus the return of the Weapons Exchange Station.

Specialist Benefits Package: Become a super thanks to a 'rare' item and acquire all the available skills. New forecast system: Plan the end of your game with the ability to see all gas circuits. Variable time of day: Rediscover Rebirth Island from another angle with the possibility that weather conditions may vary during your deployments.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Finally, in the most street edition of the format, the celebration of the “Golden Week” with new content based on Japanese folklore. Following this, the mid-season update will also be available on mobile, with a new limited time mode, events and more map features. Finally, the Phoenix Suns shooting guard, Devin Bookerchanges the court for the battlefield along with a new professional package.