British primatologist Jane Goodall turns 90

London – The British primatologist Jane Goodallwho turns 90 this Wednesday, has reached global stature with his study of chimpanzees, which he has examined down to the last detail in order to better understand the evolution of human beings.

Known as 'Lady Chimpanzee', the naturist has dedicated her life to the study and protection of these primates.

The emotional hug he received from Wounda, a chimpanzee whom he returned to freedom in 2013 in the Congo and that, shortly after leaving the cage, he looked at her and hugged her in a gesture of gratitude, is a symbol of the life of dedication that Goodall has offered to those animals, which she considers “our closest relatives.”

When he first set foot Africaat only 23 years old on a trip to Kenyathe Londoner had a secretarial degree and some work experience in a documentary company in her suitcase, but she did not imagine that she would find the purpose of her life on that continent.