Borussia Dortmund – Real Madrid (0-2): An immortal team

If you play against Real Madrid and you think that nothing is happening in the game, is that you are losing. If you play against the team that wins European Cups like a man breathing and you are dominating, what?You know what, you're losing. And if you've had a couple of chances and haven't scored, then, yes, that's right, you're losing. And if you mark them, make no mistake, you are losing too.

And, moreover, if you think that in a corner kick you have to cover the tall players, that you have everything under control and you don't worry about that short and endless side, it's not that you are losing, friend, you have already lost.

They've told you fifteen times, but you don't listen.s.

Borussia Dortmund lost and Real Madrid won, because it was the Champions League final and this legendary Madrid stands in a final and plays well, badly or average, whether it is hot or cold, whether in London or Lisbon, its rival is brave and rebellious, have a wall as a hobby, have chances, clubs, whatever. Whatever happens, Real Madrid wins.

Even though he spends the entire first half without shooting on goal and without really understanding what the game is about, as if out of place. But the minutes pass and you don't score and Kroos starts to move the ball and Vini asks for it and tries once and then again and then he does a dribble that physics still can't explain and he forces a corner kick and then another and .

There goes Kroos, touching his toupee, placing the ball, while his brain does the measures the speed of the ball, the wind, where the players are and with what part of the foot they have to hit the ball. But he does it the way you walk and breathe and you feel that the world is well made and that moment, so unexpected, of happiness.

He placed the corner kick, finished off, we have already said it, Carvajal. And he won, anyway. Who will win.

Then Kroos truly said goodbye, with his fists clenched, because in one of them he hid his heart.angry, happy, nostalgic, in a hug with Modric that he gave to all the Madrid fans and then with Ancelotti.

He left as if he were living a dream. Because before, Dortmund, in shock at the goal against them, aware that the die had already been cast and destiny written in the wind and in the laws that we do not know, made an absurd mistake, gave a ball to Bellingham in their area and He told Vini to score, his second goal in his second Champions League final. A key to the Ballon d'Or.

Borussia Dortmund died and was buried and Ancelotti was doing honors: to Joselu, for his two goals; to Modric, for existing; to Lucas Vázquez, for being competitive every minute of every hour of every day and to Militao, because he broke his cruciate and Madrid showed that without him, Courtois and then Alaba, he has the makings of a hero.

Borussia Dortmund was a complete and great team until then. He was not impressed on departure. Neither the tension of the game nor the fanfare of Lenny Kravitz was distracted when up to three fans jumped onto the field one after another, due to the negligence of the security members. The game started, stopped, got going again and Dortmund had not lost a bit of their concentration and their plan. Madrid, on the other hand, was as if lost, without really knowing where it was, a strange situation for the team that dominates all the resources of this competition. They were ineffective in attack and clumsy at the back, a team that Dortmund had their backs to and that hit them several times. Although he didn't get to shoot him.

Partly because Courtois was there. More than stopping, he occupied space and when the Belgian goalkeeper stretches there are hardly any spaces left to find the goal. Adeyemi experienced it, who found himself at full speed against Courtois and when he tried to dribble him, he had to lean too much and then was left without a place. And he happened to Füllkrug, Dortmund's trendy striker, who had it very close, very close, but he had to hurry so much with his cross shot to beat the Madrid goalkeeper that the ball hit the post and bounced out.

Nothing worked for Ancelotti in that first half. The team was as expected, without surprises because it is not necessary to touch anything in the finals nor does he need to do so. The players were the same, but they didn't look like it. The wall was, furthermore, the Borussia fans, unstoppable, while the Real Madrid backline was silent and waited for better minutes. He knew they would come. Only Valverde offered resistance and impetus. That in that first stop even Vinicius couldn't. If he surpassed his marker, Hummels appeared to finish off the only player who could break the script of the game. But how long could that last?

You already know, if you think you are being superior to Madrid, you haven't learned anything.

This is how we experienced Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid live