BMW Vizcaya ceases its collaboration with actress Itziar Ituño after attending a pro-ETA demonstration

Last Saturday, the actress Itziar Ituño (“La Casa de Papel”, “Intimidad”, “Berlín”, “Irati”, etc.) participated in a demonstration in Bilbao in which, according to Efe, the application of ETA prisoners from the ordinary penitentiary policy and their progression to third degree or permits are not appealed. The march was led by a banner with the motto Konponbiderako Giltzak (Keys to resolution) carried, among others, by the Sare spokespersons, the representatives of the Catalan parties, the actress Itziar Ituño, the former Athletic soccer player Endika Guarrotxena and the historic leader of the Abertzale left José Luis Elkoro.

The presence of the actress caused a barrage of criticism on social networks and today, one of the companies with which she collaborates, BMW Lurauto, announced the end of their collaboration through a statement in which the dealership stated that “at BMW Lurauto We are not linked to any political ideology, so we regret that the image of BMW Lurauto has been linked to any type of act with ideological content…”

Itziar ItunoLurauto

Among the ambassadors who collaborate with Lurauto (BMW and Mini) are Martin Berasategui (Chef), Nerea Garmendia (actress), David de Jorge (Chef, Robinfood), Julián Iantzi (journalist) or Belén Galindo (journalist).