Better treatments for our health and that of the planet

The world today faces two key emergencies, climate change and biodiversity loss, which threaten the well-being of current and future generations to come. Just as we care about taking care of our skin with moisturizing and nourishing creams to achieve long-lasting and restorative hydration, we also need to take care of the planet, for which it is enough to carry out small gestures in our daily lives.

Companies must also pay greater attention to their environmental policies if they want to become aware of their responsibility towards the environment. It is the case of Phergal Laboratoriesdermopharmaceutical laboratory that now complies forty years, ensuring the beauty and well-being of people, as well as the sustainability of the environment, creating pure formulas that favor the balance we need from the outside in and from the inside out. The company always moves on this two-way path, so that beauty is the fruit of the best habits in care and health.

The signature has managed to establish itself as a cutting-edge dermopharmaceutical company100% Spanish, dynamic and technological that has been working for four decades to offer its clients innovative, safe and effective products that act not only to promote beauty, but also to guarantee the well-being and health of people.

The company's strategy involves carrying out the conception, formulation, manufacturing and marketing of innovative treatments with which to inspire the beauty of each person. So much so that Phergal Laboratorios currently has its own production plants where, through the use of ingredients of natural, organic and organic farming origin – many of them certified by COSMOS Ecocert -, the company obtains the most suitable formulas for each product. and treatment, with sensory textures and enveloping natural aromas.

Phergal Laboratorios extends its corporate social responsibility (CSR) to various humanitarian and social initiatives

The entire Phergal Laboratorios dermopharmaceutical cosmetics vademecum is effectively tested under dermatological control, offering a complete and varied portfolio of solutions at the forefront in the anti-aging cosmetics, body care and hygiene, nutricosmetics, healthy coloring, hair care and supplements markets. food. Phergal complies with European and international health standards in its processes. ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO22716 GMPs and ISO14001 Environmental Management. Has GMP certified by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, responsible for guaranteeing the quality, safety, efficacy and correct information of medicines, health products, cosmetics and personal care products. It also meets all the requirements of the CSR 100 Corporate Social Responsibility.

We must highlight the influence of an extensive range of cosmetic products certified by Ecocert Greenlife SAS as Natural Cosmetics, based on Ecocert or Cosmos standards. And Naturtint coloring was the first national coloring to obtain the Biobased product certificate, granted by the USDA.

Distribution is carried out through pharmacy, mass consumption and natural Health Stores channels, in addition to its e-commerces and specialized marketplaces, which allows it to have a strong international presence in more than 45 countries spread across the 5 continentsreflecting the growing global interest in sustainable and ethical beauty options.

Effective and sustainable treatments

Phergal Laboratorios has always maintained a close commitment to society and employees. So much so that the three fundamental pillars of the company, when it comes to social responsibility, are: social work, sponsorships and natural awareness.

In addition to its involvement in the conservation of the oceans and the environment, the company extends its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to various humanitarian and social initiatives. Since 2015 he has collaborated with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in housing and female integration projects in India; with Action Against Hunger in assistance to populations in need; and with the Stanpa Foundation in supporting women with cancer in her workshop “Get Beautiful, You Will Feel Better.” Additionally, she participates in the “Lebanon Project” of the Order of Maltaassisting those affected by conflict and refugees, and supports Moms in Action in their work accompanying hospitalized children; already Caritas in the reception and support of vulnerable and excluded people. Phergal Laboratorios has forged an alliance with two organizations that seek to promote actions that protect and preserve our planet. Since 2021, the company has collaborated with Oceanidswith those who have achieved removal of more than 25.5 tons of waste from beaches and marine ecosystems. And, furthermore, since they began their collaboration in 2019 with Plant For The PlanetThey have gotten neutralize more than 1,500 tons of greenhouse gases.

When it comes to sustainable practices, Phergal Laboratorios is a leading example, adopting concrete measures and positioning itself at the forefront of a responsible and necessary business trend. The company has installed solar panels in your facilitiesaction with which the company promises to reduce more than 1,147.9 tons of CO2 over 20 years of useful life of photovoltaic panels, marking a significant milestone in reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Furthermore, within its production processes, the company carries out adequate management and treatment of water in its laboratory facilities and production plants, reducing the use of packaging and plastics. Furthermore, the introduction of solid gels and shampoos, packaged in a recyclable manner, are a clear reflection of the constant search to minimize the company's carbon footprint.

Dr. Tree, the most eco-friendly brand of Phergal Laboratorios, perfectly represents these values, offering a wide range of hygiene and personal care products, for sensitive and atopic-prone skin of the whole family, and always with the best of nature. All their products have innovative, highly effective formulas, with natural ingredients, ethically certified cosmetics Cosmos Natural Ecocert.

The company develops treatments respecting the environment, so that beauty is the fruit of the best health and care habits.

Dr. Tree's range of solid shampoos and gels are an example of Phergal's commitment to reducing the use of plastics and promoting more sustainable lifestyles. Thanks to this commitment, the company has eliminated the use of more than 485,065 plastic containersachieving a saving more than 138,288 liters of water. And not only that, in terms of reduction of CO2 emissionsalso have managed to reduce the amount emitted in trailer transportation by more than 820 tonss.

The excellence, innovation and talent behind Dr. Tree has been recognized with important industry awards, which also recognize the more sustainable side of the industry's leading brands. The Phergal Laboratorios brand has been recognized on different occasions in the Green Beauty Awards, organized by the Ventas de Perfumería y Farmacia magazine, awards given by a professional jury that recognize the work of companies, innovations and sustainable initiatives in the cosmetics, perfumery and personal care sector. In 2023 Dr. Tree was awarded in these awards with the gold to Best ECO Brand and in 2022 he obtained the gold to Best ECO Novelty and the bronze to Best ECO Brand. The Men's Health magazine awarded the Take Care Awardswhere readers chose Dr. Tree and his Eco Pack as Best Product.

Dr. Tree's values ​​and eco-friendly spirit were recognized by the European Society for Social and Cultural Promotion -organization aimed at making visible professionals, companies and institutions from the world of science, technology, medicine, art and culture, among other sectors- who awarded it the European Award for Quality and Business Commitmentin the category Quality in Natural and Sustainable Product.

And in the world of digital marketing Phergal Laboratorios has achieved other successes with Dr. Tree and its values. In 2023 he was awarded in the Best!N & Beauty Caremarketing awards in the beauty, perfumery, drugstore and hygiene sectors, in which a jury of experts awarded the gold to Dr. Tree in the Best Sustainability category; and the brand's digital strategy was also recognized by industry experts, who awarded Dr. Tree with the Third place in the category Best paid Digital Marketing campaign.

All these awards highlight the quality, innovation and talent of the professionals behind Phergal Laboratorios.

For those who wonder how Phergal Laboratorios manages to be a leader in beauty products and the cosmetic industry, we can tell you that by conceptualizing, designing and producing exclusive and avant-garde formulas that are inspired by people, in addition to enhancing the best nuances of a careful selection of natural ingredients. It is the key to your know-how which has been distinguished on several occasions and is based on the rigor, good work and talent of its professionals. A knowledge that is a way of being. Thanks to its great R&D&I capacity, the company can anticipate trends that emerge in the market, through the development of innovative products.