Be careful if you activate Bluetooth permanently: the police warn against this scam

Whether to connect headphones, smart watches and other gadgets, it is very common for us to have the Bluetooth option activated. This technology allows the exchange of information between different devices over a short distance (generally no more than 15 meters). And this is precisely what hackers use. to access our phone almost undetectably.

While smartphones with Bluetooth are generally safe from hackers because the waves this technology uses constantly change frequency, sometimes hundreds of times per second, it is not impossible for hackers to find a breach. This is where bluesnarfing arisesa practice that both the OCU and the Bank of Spain have recently warned about, as has the National Police through their social networks.

The attacker looks for devices with Bluetooth activated in train stations, shopping centers and even cinemas, very crowded places where it is not suspicious to be nearby. We may receive a connection alert, but Panda Security explains that there are other techniques to connect. Once linked, devices can access data such as text messages, email, calendar items, contact lists, and more. including potentially sensitive information such as passwords and personal media files.

To avoid falling into this, it is recommended to disable the device’s Bluetooth visibility option to prevent others from pairing with it. It is also useful to use two-factor authentication (pin and fingerprint, for example). Obviously, do not accept requests from unknown devices and have your mobile updated with the latest version of the operating system. Finally, it is advisable to limit the number of applications that have access to the device’s Bluetooth connection.