Barcelona in spring

Since the unfortunate pandemic, certain types of trips became less frequent, and I personally noticed it a lot. But things are returning to their normal course, as is happening in the exchange with Barcelona.

Now, in Catalonia, there is a new air after the elections to the Generalitat: the process has declined, and the formation of the government around the winning socialist candidate at the polls would be possible.

That will be good, to have a government that no longer treats the issue of independence as the main meaningless objective, and instead governs for the citizens. I stated this in the conference I gave at the Círculo Ecuestre, one of the oldest societies of thought and freedom in Barcelona; with an architecturally extraordinary headquarters at the intersection of Balmes and Diagonal streets.

There, I had a presentation given to me by one of the members of the Circle, who was president for several years of the other important Circle in Barcelona, ​​the Economy Circle, specifically Carlos Tusquets, who put the session in its context of renewal in all areas. Then, another of the members of the Equestrian Circle, Tirso Gracia, guided my intervention with a series of successive questions, about all kinds of historical phenomena, comparing past with present. A bit of what Paul Sweezy said about analyzing the complex economic reality in the present as History.

In short, a session of interest, followed by a dinner-discussion, and a renewal of good friends of that bridge of thought that should continue to be Madrid-Barcelona and back, with the Olympic resonance of “friends forever.”

NOTA BENE: I am very pleased to invite the readers of “Planeta Tierra” to the presentation of the Award that I have received from the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain on “Historical Presence of Spain in the Americas”: June 5, 6:00 p.m. , Paraninfo of the UCM (C/San Bernardo 49). There will be a cocktail party to follow. Do not miss. Registrations at