Autobiographer, the app that uses AI to write your autobiography based on its conversations with you

If you have ever thought about writing a book telling the story of your life, but the task seemed difficult, artificial intelligence is here to help you with this too. Autobiographer is a startup that uses AI to help users tell and document their lives with the minimum possible effort for a task of this type.

Through conversations with the user, this application Turn personal memories and experiences into prose, creating a kind of autobiography or biography, depending on who we grant authorship to. If you have ever read an autobiography, the most common thing is that it was written with the help of a professional writer, whose name usually appears small if it appears on the cover at all, but who has done most of the work. That is the role of Autobiographer, You tell your memories and the app takes care of putting it in writing and giving it meaning.

The application works by interacting with an AI model that uses Anthropic technology and asks questions about different aspects of the user's life. For example, you can ask him to recount an adventure he had to begin with. The user can then speak to relate it, as well as pause and resume the recording or change questions as you see fit.

The information collected is stored in an encrypted and biometrically protected digital vault which not even Autobiographer staff can access. This approach seeks ensure privacy and security of users' memories, a crucial factor in gaining their trust.

The app also allows users to review and explore their life memories and then transform them into different types of prose, like a short story or a letter to a loved one. Currently, results can be exported as PDFs, but the company plans to offer the option to print books in the future.

Matt Bowman, co-founder and CEO of Autobiographer, conceived the app as a way to leave a narrative legacy for his godchildren. Bowman served in the Army Special Forces and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, experiences that have profoundly shaped his view of the world. His motivation for creating Autobiographer comes from his desire to synthesize and share the stories of your friends and experiences in the military with future generations.

Autobiographer will hardly replace professionally written stories, but it can be a valuable tool for documenting family history, friendships, or creating memories for your children. With a cost of $199 per year, is a cheaper alternative to hiring a professional writer, but it's not cheap either. The app is available for both Android and iOS.