Aston Martin's surprises at the Saudi Arabia GP: this is the revolution of Fernando Alonso's AMR24

Fernando Alonso started 2024 with a ninth place in the Bahrain GP. The Spaniard predicted that he would end up in that position before starting the race and he was right. The Asturian thus started the season with a real bath of reality and did not hide his doubts regarding the potential of his AMR24. Despite the great expectations that had been unleashed after the tests and qualifying, the reality is that the Aston Martins lacked the rhythm to compete. And not only against Red Bull, which started the season with the same dominance as it ended it, but also against Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren.

However, from the team they asked for calm and They assured that they had an aggressive development plan in place that could already be seen this weekend in Jeddah. And so it has been. Alonso once again excites us with a revolution in his AMR24.

Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin), double F-1 world champion, was the fastest on the day of free practice for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, at the Jeddah street circuit. Alonso set the best time of the day in the second session, at night and at a time similar to that of qualifying and the race, which will be held on Saturday. In his best lap, the Asturian double world champion covered the 6,174 meters of the track that bathes the Red Sea in one minute, 28 seconds and 827 thousandths, 230 less than the Englishman George Russell (Mercedes) and with an advantage of 331 over the Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), triple F1 world champion and World Championship leader.

Aston Martin has brought to Jeddah new features in the rear spoiler and front suspensions, But no one could have expected that they would have so much profit.

If a few days ago, both Mercerdes and Ferrari announced that they would have a new rear wing to adapt to the Saudi Arabia GP circuit, The green team has not been left behind and has brought a series of improvements that could be the definitive plus that allows Fernando Alonso to be at the top.

According to the document delivered to the FIA, those of Silverstone bring changes to the front right corner to improve performance and flow conditioning. The shape of the blade in the front area has been revised, with changes in entry and exit. Also iIt incorporates modified braces on the rear deflector. The geometry modifies the flow around the tire and improves the shape of the wake to reduce the effect on lower-lying parts of the car.

They also debut a new rear spoiler. lThe cascade of this new spoiler is less aggressive, with two different flap options. This aileron will provide the AMR24 with a less loaded wing and therefore lower resistance to adapt to the characteristics of this circuit.

We will have to wait for tomorrow's race but for now, not even the all-powerful Max Verstappen has been able to stand up to Alonso and it is confirmed that after one lap the new Aston Martin is very competitive.