Apex Legends: Revelation invites you to celebrate five action-packed years in style

To kick off the fifth anniversary from ‘Apex Legends’, EA and Respawn have revealed the general characteristics of the next season of the shooting video game that they have called “Revelation”. Among other attractions, the event will allow us to experience first-hand the life of a legend on and off the battlefield. In terms of news, the title awaits upgrades to enrich the skills and armor of each character. Rewards and a series of challenges are also promised that will allow us to maintain them forever. Additionally, Ranked has been updated with a high-risk, high-reward system that encourages combat in each Ranked Division.

Apex Legends: RevelationEA/Respawn Entertainment

legend improvements

The season of the Electronic Arts title will feature legendary improvements: a progression system that aims to deepen the Battle Royale experience and adapt the characters to each play style. This feature will reset with each match and give you the opportunity to try out different upgrades: By earning EVO, your legend will level up throughout the game, improving your armor level and unlocking unique selections of upgrades at levels 2 and 3. Choose well, as the decision can affect the strategy of the entire platoon. In any case, the legends improvements and EVO changes will be limited to the Battle Royale modes.

Legendary Armor and Shield Cores

Body Shields will no longer be a loot item and are not found on the ground in Battle Royale. Instead, all legends have a inherent armor which permanently increases in capacity as you level up. Thus, the armor is powered with a core containing the current shield HP. Shield cores can be changed or dropped at any time as with previous armor systems. However, fallen enemies now drop shield cores.

Renewed qualifiers

With the launch of “Revelation”, the developer has also decided to apply a series of changes, which will not surprise ‘Apex’ users too much. The level requirement go back to 20 and divisions return, which means so does the season reset. Each user will start with 1 PC at launch and there will also be a quick split reset that will lower the rank by 6 splits. This also means that the cost per match will return to 20 CP per level starting from silver.

Scoring will become more transparent, similar to recent seasons, which places greater emphasis on eliminations than on placements. Rating hidden skills will not affect matchmaking or scoring. The bonus system will also be updated to provide more information and the rank will be more visible. We can check all this when the update is applied on Tuesday February 13 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC.