an anticyclonic crest brings a rise in temperatures with dangerous consequences

This week the time will be stable and it will be hot with him anticyclone settling on the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Temperatures will reach more than 20 degrees in almost half of Spain and the atmosphere will be sunny in most of the country.

The prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicates that this Wednesday temperatures will rise, except in areas of Andalusia and the Mediterranean area, where they will remain unchanged.

It will be warmer in Bilbao Seville (23), and Córdoba, Granada and Ourense (22). On the other hand, it will soften in Ávila (15) and León and Santander (16). Frosts are expected in the Cantabrian mountain range, in areas of the Northern plateau, the Iberian system and in the Pyrenees, here locally moderate.

With high pressures already dominating the meteorological panorama there will be very little rain. The AEMET predicts intervals of medium and high clouds in the southern third of the peninsula, without ruling out some weak rain in the southern half of Andalusia. In the rest, slightly cloudy skies will predominate, except for some cloudy intervals at the beginning in the northwest of the peninsula.

Canary Islands It will have clouds in the northwest of the archipelago and cloudy intervals in the rest. Weak rainfall is not ruled out on the islands of greatest relief.

During the days of Thursday and Fridaya front associated with an Atlantic storm will approach the peninsula. Its effects will only be felt in Galicia and nearby areas of the northwest of the peninsula. Some typical spring showers in areas of the northern half are also not ruled out.

Nighttime temperatures will continue to rise and maximum temperatures will remain above 20 degrees in the Cantabrian Sea, the Mediterranean area and the south of the peninsulaand even Cities like Alicante, Valencia or Murcia could reach 24 degrees.

Temperatures up to 30 degrees

face To the weekendthe Meteored portal, points to a generalized thermal rise “by arrival of a very soft air mass associated with an anticyclonic crest“.

This could generate maximum values ​​of more than 25 ºC on the Mediterranean coast and Andalusiawithout ruling out that on Sunday these records will extend to large areas, and they could even approach 30 ºC in Murcia or Seville.

This predictable thermal “high” will increase the risk of occurrence avalanches after the snowfall of recent days, especially in some sectors of the Pyrenees.

In the same way an intense thaw is expected“hence some rivers will probably suffer significant floods“, alerts the meteorological information portal.