Amara NZero incorporates a powerful Aerothermal line into its Energy Efficiency area

The Spanish multinational Amara Nzero has just announced the addition of the latest aerothermal technology to its portfolio. With this initiative it expands its solutions not only to its clients, but also to professionals in the air conditioning and plumbing sector to accompany them in the Energy Transition.

Expanding its offer to the field of air conditioning and DHW (domestic hot water) is a new step in Amara NZero's commitment to its clients as a strategic collaborator in their decarbonization, electrification and energy efficiency projects.

The company is thus committed to heat pumps as one of the most energy-efficient air conditioning solutions for replace traditional combustion boilers using natural gas, coal or diesel, condensing boilers, electric heaters, electric water heaters to supply DHW or conventional air conditioning equipment.

A solution that achieves, in addition to energy savings, also economic savings. According to Gonzalo Errejón, CEO of the Amara NZero Group, “Heat pumps as a clean and highly efficient technology do not yet have a great penetration in the Spanish market, unlike what happens in many other European countries, and it should not be like that. It is a great business opportunity for installers and to contribute to the energy transition. For this reason, we are going to put a lot of emphasis on training our clients in the technology of the new aerothermal machines so that they can not only install them but also perform their maintenance optimally and thus benefit from that recurring business. We will always defend the role of the installer towards the end user. “He is the installer's client and we are very clear about it.”

The company also provides its clients with pre-sales and after-sales technical support, accompanying them from project design to commissioning of the same. It also enables financing solutions, offering the installer and his client the possibility of carry out the installationeasily and without the need for initial investment, as well as the processing of aid and subsidies. “We think this is great news for our customers. It is the ideal efficient air conditioning solution not only for homes, but also for offices, airports, hospitals, shops…”, adds Francisco Muñoz Ramírez, director of Energy Efficiency of the firm.

Heat pumps are one of Europe's bets to remove gas boilers. They are based on capturing the energy contained in the air to provide heat, although it can also contribute cold or domestic hot water. These devices allowsavings of up to 25% on the electricity bill due to its greater efficiency compared to other systems.