Adults and children join forces in the defense of marine life

Paula and Celeste Ferrer10 and 13 years old, respectively, arrived early this Saturday at El Escambron beach, in San Juan, with their father, Edgardo Ferrer. The intention was for them to participate in the “Deep Cleaning” led by Scuba Dogs Society, in order to rescue marine species affected by debris. But in the end, more than doing volunteer work, the activity was an educational experience for the sisters, who learned – firsthand – the importance of environmental conservation, particularly of the coasts.

“Many people are not aware of what they are doing, that everything ends up in the sea and that animals can choke on (discarded) plastic and die”lamented Paula.

Together with their father, the minors found a hook or marine anchor, other metals, plastics and glass.

“All that ends up in the ocean and pollutes it”deplored Celeste, for her part.

Students who participated in the event took the opportunity to complete their “green contact” hours. (David Villafane)

Among the volunteers, there was also Damaris Ramirez16 years old, who, together with the marine biologist Francisco Perezjumped into the water to snorkel while removing trash from the sea.

“We saw a lot of squid in groups, lobsters and fish, especially blue ones,” said the eleventh grade student at the Papa Juan XXIII School in Bayamón.