Ábalos left the PCE

After many arguments and attempts to demonstrate by the President of the Government, Sánchez, that there is no one on Earth more honest than him – also in the case of Western Sahara? –, in February 2024 the issue arose. Ábalos, linked to the Koldo affair, in turn related to the case of masks and all kinds of operations at prices inflated by speculation. With good luck for some authorities involved in these issues, without forgetting the current President of the Congress of Deputies, who we do not know how a day will end after so many statements.

The fact is that in the early days of Sánchez as head of the Government, there was a presentation of awards to figures of letters and the arts, among which was cinema. Because I remember that among those summoned was José Sacristán, with whom I have an old relationship, always expressed in good smiles when we see each other.

On that occasion, waiting to be called to be present at the awards ceremony, I met Minister Ábalos, whom I already knew. And telling things from the past, I don't know how a topic that he presented almost confidentially came to mind:

-Ramón, I left the PCE in May 1981, the same day you left the party. I couldn't take it anymore.

Even though it was so late, I am grateful for that solidarity with me, as I left a political entity that Carrillo sank, with his darkest return to pre-constitutional practices.

I neither enter nor leave the topic of now, February 2024 around former Minister Ábalos. But I do not forget the reference he made to my decision in the spring of 1981 to leave the PCE and his to do the same.