A website to find out if your data has been leaked and if it is sold on the dark web

From artificial intelligence systems, to social networks or the “mother of all leaks”: the hacking of personal information has made it almost inevitable that at least part of our data is circulating online. He The problem is knowing what exactly has been leaked.

With this in mind, the company Malwarebytes has created a new web portal that gives people the ability to see if our personal information has been exposed, what type of data and which of them are for sale on the dark web.

The portal also includes recommendations to reduce the risks resulting from identity theft, financial harm or reputational damage. Since 2022, the practice of phishing has increased by 22%, there have been leaked nearly 27 billion personal accounts and more than 8 billion euros have been lost, in just one year, due to these hacks.

To use it, just access the website, give your email and a password will be sent to us. With her The system begins to scan social networks, banks, chat rooms, clandestine forums, databases and the dark web, to identify any exposed data related to the email address. Once the scan is complete, users receive a personalized report that summarizes their exposed information and provides protection recommendations.

Thanks to this type of tests, he discovered that 60% of people who performed an analysis had their passwords exposed. Half of the users found their full name (associated with their email address) exposed. 41% found their date of birth exposed, while 26% had their phone number exposed.

He portal is free and you can use it with all the email accounts you have. What to do with the information obtained? The best thing would be to change the passwords of the pages that we have compromised and make sure not to open files from unrecognized sources and have an updated antivirus.