A Tesla engineer was attacked by a company robot while working

An incident happened in the factory tesla near Austin, Texas, in 2021 has come to light, revealing an alleged attack by a robot on a company engineer. According to the incident report filed with regulatory authorities, the robot, designed to handle newly cast aluminum auto parts, immobilized the engineer and caused scratches on his back and armleaving a trail of blood on the floor of the plant.

Eyewitnesses reported that The engineer managed to free himself from the robot after a colleague activated the emergency stop button. However, during his release, the engineer would have fallen several meters into a conduit intended to collect aluminum scrap, further aggravating the circumstances.

Despite the seriousness of the incident, Tesla claimed that the engineer’s injuries did not result in an absence from work. This incident highlights the persistent criticism Tesla has faced regarding workplace safety. It has been pointed out that Giga Texas plant has had higher injury rates compared to other automakers in the United States.

The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk expressed dissatisfaction with the late disclosure of the incident, questioning why an event that occurred two years ago was being highlighted. Musk clarified that the incident involved a Kuka industrial robotic armstandardwhich is found in all factories, and not the advanced robot called “Optimus”.