A settling of accounts, behind the murder of Villacís' brother

“The Police arrived immediately,” they said yesterday, still scared from the Lar de Domingo restaurant, located 500 meters from the shooting that ended the life of Borja Villacís, brother of the former vice mayor of Madrid Begoña Villacís, in Montecarmelo, among the kilometers 5 and 6 of the highway from Fuencarral to Alcobendas (M-612). The victim was in his car when another vehicle cut him off. Up to two occupants came out of that BMW armed, plus the driver. After a strong argument, they ended the life of Borja, 41, with shots.

The first investigations indicate that another person could have been traveling in the victim's car, who went to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation Emergency Room hours later, presenting several gunshot wounds. This injured person is in serious condition although out of danger. Furthermore, this restaurant denied that the murder took place at the door of their establishment: «In fact, we have found out what happened from the Police. “They have asked us to close the doors of the restaurant for security reasons,” around twelve in the morning, when the establishment had just opened. They also claim to have had no contact with the deceased. At the moment, it is believed that it could be a settling of accounts.

National Police sources confirmed that, shortly after the event, the alleged perpetrator, a 52-year-old Spanish national, was detained in Plaza Elíptica. The woman has several police records and a recent arrest by the Civil Guard. The health units that went to the scene tried to revive the victim without success, found in the ditch with gunshot wounds to the head and chest. A large police deployment was also brought to the scene, including agents from the Scientific Police and Homicide Group V of the Madrid National Police. There they collected evidence and the casings of a hunting rifle, caliber 7.62 millimeters. Shortly after, the agents also found near the scene, in the vicinity of the Mediaset group facilities, a box and a bag with firearms, which could be the property of the murderers.

According to neighbors and workers in the area, 50 agents and around twenty police vans searched for hours for an alleged suspect in an open field, in addition to requesting information from a nearby hotel, in case they had stayed there or had noticed any suspicious behavior during the time. the last days. It is a quiet crossing point, where no similar altercation had ever occurred. Agents from the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) also collaborated in the first investigations., a helicopter, a drone and even the Cavalry Unit. After what happened, the M-612 remained closed to traffic in both directions for investigation work.

Minutes later, a video began to circulate on the networks that shed more light on the modus operandi of the occupants of the BMW. In the images, only two people can be seen, one dressed in dark clothing, rushing to change the vehicle's license plate, with the intention of not being detected. You can also see how they get rid of certain objects. Thus, it has not yet been possible to confirm the participation of a third party involved in the murder.

Borja's background

The brother of the former leader of Ciudadanos had already come to light due to his links with far-right movements. A member of the Ultra Sur, Borja was sentenced to six months in prison for attacking a 21-year-old boy in Moncloa in 2004. The young man left a pub in the district accompanied by four girls and was chased by several ultras, including Villacís's brother, who caught up with him on Hernani Street, where they insulted him and beat him, apparently for no other reason than the ingestion of alcohol. alcohol, since there was no provocation or discussion. The four detainees had in their possession two brass knuckles, a pair of scissors and a knife with a sheath. In addition, inside the vehicle the agents also found a multipurpose knife with a sheath, pamphlets and stickers with “ultra-Southern Nazi” symbols. At that time, Villacís' brother already had a police record for crimes of injuries, damages and public disorder. He was convicted of attacking two men in the same year who defended a girl to whom he used racist insults in the Santiago Bernabéu Metro.

Currently, Villacís was being investigated for drug trafficking and money laundering in a case that Central Court number 5 of the National Court has been investigating for six years. According to Civil Guard sources, the deceased was part of one of the most important drug clans in Spain, now dismantled. Specifically, this is a case resulting from the operation called Águila-Frazen against several organizations dedicated to drug trafficking, including that of Antonio Menéndez, alias Niño Skin, a neo-Nazi who would have served as the leader of Ultra Sur.