A new global outage of Instagram and Facebook leaves millions of users without access to their service

Instagram and Facebook, Meta applications, are have fallen worldwide, which has left thousands of users without access to their services for two hours. WhatsApp, the company's other platform, continued to function without interruptions.

Mark Zuckerberg's applications have starred numerous falls worldwide in recent months. A month ago, users also complained about the fall of Instagram worldwide, which was left not working on many devices. In addition, Several days in 2023 there were also crashes on these platforms.

Users' sessions have “expired” when trying to log into their profiles. So, It didn't take long for the memes to appear on Twitterthe social network where users search for what has happened to the platforms.

According to the Downdetector website, which monitors access incidents to different services based on user reports and incidents, the problems began to appear around 4 p.m. It didn't start working again until 6 p.m.