10 places to discover through the wind

Wind energy is the undisputed protagonist in the “Wind Ecotourism Guide”, a compilation of sustainable and biodiversity-friendly routes to discover the Spanish geography. Prepared by María Ramírez and Juan Carlos Muñoz, this manual is a compendium of ten itineraries meticulously designed to immerse us in those areas that share land with imposing infrastructures destined for the production of green energyspecifically, those that take advantage of the wind.

Each option represents a unique experience where nature, culture and gastronomy are harmoniously intertwined. From the picturesque pre-Roman towns of Asturias to the vast moors of Burgos and the imposing Galician canyons sculpted by water, rural Spain is home to an unmatched wealth in terms of historical and natural heritage.

It is an opportunity to delve into the different geographies of the Spanish territory with the wind and the energy it is capable of producing as a common thread. In the Sierra del Perdón In Navarra, for example, windmills stand as silent guardians of a landscape full of history and tradition. In Terra Alta, in Tarragona, the undulating fields give way to a unique sensory experience, where the wind caresses the skin and the aroma of the earth mixes with the perfume of the vineyards. In the Sil canyons in Ourense, the majesty of nature is revealed in all its fullness, while in the moors of Burgos, The immensity of the landscape invites contemplation and reflection.

The 'Wind Ecotourism Guide' not only invites travelers to discover these places, but also proposes a complete experience: In addition to enjoying the landscape, the guide shares interesting information about the local culture and encourages you to taste the traditional gastronomy of each area, as well as to learn about the stories and legends that have marked these territories over the centuries.

Walking among the windmills of the 21st century while we discover landscapes, gastronomy, culture, nature or the artistic heritage of a territory is to understand it in its entirety, in its integrity, because the energy of the wind is already another neighbor of ours. rural environment, the same neighbor that transports us towards a greener horizon full of new opportunities.