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This "Updates 2009" page includes information regarding changes that have been made to the Straight Line Diagrams (SLD) in the last calendar year (January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008).  It is intended to provide quick, easy, simplified access to the SLD's that have been changed.  It replaces the paper transmittals that were sent out in the past.

Each file should automatically open in the proper format and orientation for viewing or printing, if the Adobe Acrobat Reader is loaded.  (The required reader is free of charge and available through Adobe's website.)      

Paper copies of the updated SLD's are no longer distributed.
If paper copies are required, the user can print the routes / pages that they need from the web.  Printing the entire route is recommended if there were any changes to the SLD or Detail sheets.

An additional ".pdf" file is included so that users can easily view and / or print the SLD and Detail sheets for the entire County, with only one mouse click.

Ohio Turnpike

Straight Line Diagrams for the Ohio Turnpike (IR 0080K/IR0076K) are included on the appropriate county tables.  However, the mileage, number of sheets, and number of details sheets are not included in the county data and do not appear in the county SLD file.

County Update Tables

The "County Update Tables" reflect all changes to the SLD's from the previous year.  Included in these tables are the County, Route Number, SLD Sheet Number, Detail Sheet Number, Reason for the Updates, Asterisk (*) indicator, and a direct link to the entire SLD File (in .PDF file format).

Detail Sheet Numbers are now included on the "County Update Tables".  (They were not previously included in the transmittals).   This number reflects the order in which the detail sheet would have appeared (on the back of the old SLD sheets) in book format. The updated detail sheets have a revision date that may not match the revision date on the corresponding SLD page.

The asterisk (*) indicates that the SLD sheet being replaced contained data on all three lines, but the corresponding, revised SLD sheet contains data only on the top line.
  SLD users may elect to retain the existing SLD sheet for project purposes.

Please select the first letter of the County for which you would like to view the "County Update Table", from the alphabetical list at the top of this page.  The opening page will allow selection of other "County Update Tables" that begin with the same letter.

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