Common Issues

Printing Report Not Working

If you use the IE print option, under the File > Print, the report will not print correctly.  To print the full report:

  1. Run the report.

  2. In the left frame, below the reporting options, press the Print Results button.

Print Results button, bottom right of the screen

The IE Print screen opens so you can print the report.  This prints the report in a full page format.

Report Changes Not Appearing

If you press the Reset button, enter new information, and regenerate a report but the report does not refresh in the right frame, complete the following steps to fix the refreshing issue:

  1. In MS Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options.  The Internet Options screen opens, on the General Tab.

Internet Options screen

  1. In the Temporary Internet Files section of the screen, press Settings.  The Settings screen opens.

Settings screen

  1. Set the “Check for newer version of stored pages” option to Every visit to the page.

  2. Press OK.  The focus moves back to the Internet Options screen.

  3. Press OK.  The screen closes and IE remains open with the new option selected.  The right frame should now refresh whenever you reset and re-run the report with different parameters.

If this does not fix the issue, close IE then reopen it and try the report again.  If the refreshing option is not corrected, call you local IT help desk or the DoIT Service Desk at (614) 466-4978.